Attorney Peiffer Investigating Darrell Smith, Promoter of Energae Holdings

Securities lawyer Joe Peiffer is investigating Iowa investment professional Darrell Duane Smith and his sales of investment opportunities in Energae Holdings and iLenders. Peiffer is preparing to take action on behalf of Smith investors.

Iowa financial professional Darrell Smith, a former promoter of Energae Holdings and iLenders, has been accused of violating the securities rules and regulations by the Iowa regulators.  Smith, a former licensed stockbroker, has had his Iowa insurance license suspended.

Investigation by Joe Peiffer established that Smith has been charged with improper investment activities in connection with Energae LP, a green energy company that converts sugar beet into ethanol.  Energae is located in North Dakota.

Smith’s insurance license was suspended in April, 2013.  That same month the Iowa regulators ordered Smith to cease and desist securities activities in Iowa in connection with Energae LP.

Peiffer’s investigation suggests Smith had been a promoter of Energae to numerous investors.

Smith was “permitted to resign” from his previous employment with a major securities broker-dealer firm in March, 2012, according to regulatory documents reviewed by attorney Peiffer.  His resignation was the result of customer complaints, according to regulatory filings.

Joe Peiffer is preparing to take action on behalf of Energae investors against financial industry firms that failed to adequately supervise Smith’s securities sales, in violation of their duties.  Investors who lost money invested with Darrell Duane Smith may contact attorney Peiffer for a free case evaluation at 504-523-2434.

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