Mark Sellers, John Scott Elliott—Ponzi Scheme

Mark Sellers Allegedly Orchestrated a Ponzi Scheme with Alleged Help from John Scott Elliott to Purportedly Sell Investments in Kansas City-Based Selden Companies Have you or a loved one lost money investing in Selden Companies LLC? Mark Sellers, the owner of Selden Companies LLC, a Kansas City, Missouri-area based firm, allegedly orchestrated a Ponzi scheme, according to an… Read more »

Brent Hurt—Failure to Properly Supervise Registered Reps

Cleveland stockbroker fraud lawyer

Brent D. Hurt Allegedly Failed to Supervise a Registered Rep from Red Ridge Securities Inc. (f/k/a H.D. Brent & Company. Inc) Relating to the Sales of a Private Offering Brent Hurt allegedly failed to supervise a registered rep, Eric Johnson from Red Ridge Securities Inc. (f/k/a H.D. Brent & Company. Inc) relating to the sales… Read more »

Christopher Jorgensen – Instructing a Client Not to Respond to FINRA

investment fraud attorney Cleveland

Christopher S. Jorgensen Under Investigation Regarding Allegations that His Brokerage Firm, Summit Brokerage Services, Received a Customer Complaint Alleging that Jorgenson Purportedly Directed a Customer to Not Respond to a FINRA Inquiry Christopher Jorgensen was under investigation regarding allegations that his brokerage firm, Summit Brokerage Services, purportedly received a Customer Complaint alleging that Jorgenson directed a… Read more »

David Wesley Wells—Misappropriation

California stockbroker fraud attorney

David Wesley Wells Allegedly Misappropriated Funds while Serving for the Counsel Trust Group, an Independent Contractor Office Associated with Mid Atlantic Capital Corporation David Wesley Wells, a broker from Hanover, Pennsylvania, allegedly misappropriated funds while serving for the Counsel Trust Group, an independent contractor office associated with Mid Atlantic Capital Corporation, according to a recent FINRA Letter… Read more »

Michael Mahabir – Conversion of Customer Funds

Rochester stockbroker fraud attorney

Michael A. Mahabir Allegedly Engaged in the Conversion of Customer Funds in the Course of Assisting a Customer Michael Mahabir, of Monrovia, California, allegedly engaged in the conversion of customer funds in the course of assisting a customer of J.P. Morgan’s affiliated bank, according to a recent FINRA Letter of Acceptance, Waiver and Consent (AWC) currently under… Read more »

Sung Hong & Hyun Joo Hong- Investment Fraud Scheme

Ponzi scheme recovery attorneys

Sung Hong and Hyun Joo Hong Allegedly Ran an Investment Fraud Scheme which Purportedly Defrauded Clients out of Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Sung Hong and Hyun Joo Hong, of Clyde Hill, Washington, allegedly claimed to be experienced investment advisors and also allegedly solicited several million dollars in investor funds from numerous clients, according to Reports… Read more »

Thurman Bryant & Bryant United Capital Funding, Inc. (BUCF)—Mortgage Investment SceneThurman Bryant & Bryant United Capital Funding, Inc. (BUCF)—Mortgage Investment Scene

California stockbroker fraud attorney

Thurman P. Bryant, III & His Company Bryant United Capital Funding, Inc. (BUCF) Allegedly Orchestrated a $23 Million Mortgage Investment Scheme Involving up to 100 Investors Thurman P. Bryant, III and his company Bryant United Capital Funding, Inc. (BUCF) allegedly orchestrated a $23 million mortgage investment scheme involving up to 100 investors, according to an… Read more »

Sean Hawkins– Alleged Sales of Unregistered Promissory Notes

Ponzi scheme recovery attorneys

Sean Hawkins Allegedly Made Sales of Unregistered Promissory Notes; Hawkins Allegedly Sold over $12.5 Million in Securities to 130 Investors Sean Hawkins, of Colorado Springs-based ASI Capital, allegedly sold more than $12.5 million in securities to 130 investors, between 2012 and 2014, according to Documents from the Colorado Division of Securities currently under review by… Read more »

Leon Edward Dixon– Private Securities Transactions without Proper Notice

Rochester stockbroker fraud attorney

Leon Edward Dixon Allegedly Engaged in Private Securities Transactions without Proper Notice to AXA Advisors, LLC Leon Edward Dixon, from approximately April 2014 through October 2015, allegedly engaged in private securities transactions without proper notice to AXA Advisors, LLC, according to a recent Letter of Acceptance, Waiver and Consent (AWC) currently under review by attorneys… Read more »

Michael Spolar– Discretion in Customer Accounts

Ponzi scheme recovery attorneys

Michael Patrick Spolar, Purportedly While Registered with LPL, Allegedly Exercised Discretion in at Least 6 Customer Accounts that Were Unrelated, Non-discretionary Accounts Michael Patrick Spolar, purportedly while registered with LPL, and between February 28, 2013 and April 13, 2015, allegedly exercised discretion in at least 6 customer accounts that were unrelated, non-discretionary accounts, according to… Read more »

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