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Rochester stockbroker fraud attorneyBaowen Ren, Former Chairman of Sino Clean Energy, Inc. (SCEI), Beaten by Robert W. Seiden in Nevada Bankruptcy Court; Ren’s Unauthorized Bankruptcy Filing of SCEI Dismissed

Baowen Ren, Former Chairman of Sino Clean Energy, Inc. (SCEI), lost a ruling in the Nevada bankruptcy court wherein the Honorable Judge Bruce T. Beesley ruled today that Ren’s unauthorized bankruptcy filing of SCEI had to be dismissed in favor of Robert W. Seiden, Esq., Court-Appointed Receiver, according to Nevada State Court Documents.

Ren and his Nevada lawyers filed a bankruptcy petition on July 7, 2015, asking for U.S. Bankruptcy Code protection for SCEI and giving the company automatic stay after SCEI was placed into receivership by the Nevada State Court last year for alleged failure to report to the SEC, said Documents report.

Baowen Ren’s Bankruptcy Filing Ruled Not Only Impermissible, but Allegedly in Violation of the Receivership Order and Filed in Part on False Statements

Baowen Ren’s bankruptcy ruling was not allegedly only impermissible, but in violation of the receivership order and was filed based in part on alleged false statements, according to Nevada State Court Documents.

Based on the aforementioned ruling, Ren allegedly must now face a contempt of court proceeding pending in Nevada State Court for his actions in violation of the Nevada State Court order, and in defiance of the Receiver’s demands, the Nevada State Court Documents report.

Finally, Ren is also purportedly subject to an active criminal investigation in Hong Kong by the Commercial Crimes Bureau for his actions in allegedly falsifying documents in Hong Kong that were uncovered by auditors there, according to reports from Hong Kong.

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