Balanced Energy and Kirk Johnson, Who Accepted Bitcoin from Investors, Ordered to Stop Selling Oil and Gas Investments

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Balanced Energy, LLC and its president, Kirk Johnson, were the subject of an Emergency Cease and Desist Order issued by the Securities Commissioner of the State of Texas relating to sales of working interests in oil and gas wells and accepting Bitcoin as payment for those interests. Balanced Energy and Johnson Accused of Selling Interests… Read more »

Securities Attorneys James Booker and Joe Peiffer Encourage Investors to Approach Virtual Currencies with Caution

Virtual currencies are more popular than ever. Virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, and Litecoin are widely used and are starting to be accepted in everyday commerce. Pioneering investors have set their aim on digital currencies as investment vehicles that can provide profitable returns. One such way digital currencies have become situated as an… Read more »

Trendon Shavers and Bitcoin Savings and Trust involved in first ever Bitcoin Ponzi

Trendon Shavers of McKinney, Tx., has been charged with what appears to be the first case of ponzi schemes that involves Bitcoins, otherwise known as digital currency. Bitcoins are a form of crypto-currency that is not backed by any national government. The mechanics of Bitcoins, their valuation and exchange is not fully understood by laypersons. Shavers is… Read more »