Nicholas Schorsch’s former flagship REIT settles with investors for $1 billion

REIT | Published by Investment News | By Bruce Kelly | Sep 9, 2019 @ 5:53 pm — Mr. Schorsch’s firm, American Realty Capital, will kick in $225 million as part of the settlement The company formerly known as American Realty Capital Properties Inc., a real estate investment trust founded by Nicholas Schorsch and rocked by… Read more »

Charles Kenahan Lawsuit

Charles Kenahan was a Boston, Massachusetts broker for Merrill Lynch until his July 2019 employment separation after allegations of unauthorized trading, unsuitable investment recommendations and excessive trading. Bank of America Merrill Lynch paid $40 million to settle “churning” allegations involving Charles Kenahan, according to the filings. “It’s the largest such settlement in at least a… Read more »

Brokers should be required to live up to their TV ads

Published by The HILL by Joe Peiffer 03/27/15 10:00 AM EDT — The “fiduciary duty” of financial professionals sounds like some hopelessly dry and technical legal concept. But it isn’t. When I hear that phrase, I think about the New York retiree who lost 75 percent of the life savings he entrusted to a disreputable… Read more »

Philly real estate investor Nicholas Schorsch, his former CFO and company settle with SEC for more than $60M

Published by The Philadelphia Inquirer by Erin Arvedlund Updated: July 16, 2019- 4:36 PM — The Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday settled with AR Capital, its founder Nicholas S. Schorsch, and former CFO Brian Block for more than $60 million to resolve charges ranging from defrauding investors to falsifying records. The SEC charged Jenkintown… Read more »

William Ellis Lawsuit

Joseph William Ellis aka William Ellis is a Georgia broker. William Ellis is currently registered with Ameriprise Financial Services in LaGrange, Georgia. Additionally, William Ellis works with Robert Ellis at Ellis and Ellis Investment Management in the LaGrange, Georgia. William Ellis was previously registered with 3 additional firms for various periods of time: Commonwealth Financial… Read more »

AXA Advisors Lawsuits | Variable Annuities & Life Insurance Products

AXA Advisors Lawsuits | Variable Annuities & Life Insurance Products If you have Variable Annuities or Life Insurance products in your investment portfolio, contact the securities attorneys at Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane, APLC. Based on our experience, we believe that there are more investors who have suffered losses as a result of AXA and… Read more »

Future Income Payments Lawsuit Securities Fraud

Future Income Payments Lawsuit Securities Fraud If you invested in Future Income Payments (“FIP”), the securities attorneys at Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane, APLC may be able to help you recover any losses. If you were advised to invest in FIP, we are investigating claims against the sales agents that sold and/or recommended FIP “investments…. Read more »

OptionSellers and INTL FC Stone Lawsuit and INTL FC Stone Lawsuit Investment Loss Recovery Center: If you lost money due to’s risky trading strategies, the securities attorneys at Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane will FIGHT to help you recover your losses. If you are an investor who invested in their natural gas plan, we are actively investigating… Read more »


Investigation into GPB Capital Holdings Investors were pitched attractive returns offered GPB and the broker-dealers who sold the GPB Funds. Brokers, however, were motived by the 8% commission for selling GPB funds. It now appears as if brokers received more than $100 million in commissions. According to its website, “GPB Capital is a New York-based… Read more »