Terminus Energy Inc., Emanuel Pantelakis, Danny B. Pratte and Joseph L. Pittera – Misleading Investors/Defrauding Investors

Terminus Energy Inc. Allegedly Misled Investors Regarding Research, Development, and Profitability of Their Purported Fuel Cell Technology Business While Raising $7.9 Million from Investors Terminus Energy Inc., a California-based Penny Stock Company, allegedly made misleading statements to investors regarding the research, development, and profitability of their purported fuel cell manufacturing business, according to recent SEC… Read more »

Michael Dolan—Outside Business Activity

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Michael Timothy Dolan Allegedly Took Part in the Sale of at Least $850,000 of membership interests in a hedge fund to six individuals without Notice to Dougherty & Co.; Five of the Six Said Individuals were Allegedly Dougherty & Co. Customers Michael Dolan, between October 2012 and October 2013, allegedly participated in the sale, without… Read more »

Joseph Meli and Matthew Harriton—Concert and Broadway Ticket Ponzi Scheme

Joseph Meli and Matthew Harriton Allegedly Ran a $81 Million New York City Ponzi Scheme Involving Investor Cash to Buy and Resell Tickets to Shows such as the Broadway Smash-hit Hamilton and Adele Concerts Joseph Meli and Matthew Harriton allegedly ran a New York City Ponzi scheme involving investor cash to buy and re-sell tickets… Read more »

Murakami and MC2 Capital—Ponzi Scheme Investigation

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Yasuna Murakami Allegedly Ran a Boston-area Ponzi Scheme through MC2 Capital Canadian Opportunities That Allegedly Brought in $15.3 Million from 47 Investors; Investor Right Attorneys Investigating Yasuna Murakami allegedly ran a Ponzi scheme which purportedly brought in $15.3 million from 47 investors, according to a Complaint from the Massachusetts Division of Securities currently under review… Read more »

Michael Breton & Strategic Capital Management—Cherry-Picking Scheme

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Michael J. Breton & Strategic Capital Management Allegedly Orchestrated a Cherry-Picking Scheme via Data Analysis Implemented to Detect Suspicious Trading Patterns which Purportedly Defrauded Investors out of $1.3 Million Michael Breton and his Strategic Capital Management allegedly orchestrated a so-called cherry-picking scheme via data analysis implemented to detect suspicious trading patterns, according to recent SEC… Read more »


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Dwayne Edwards is alleged to have improperly commingled and siphoned funds from investors in municipal bond offerings for senior living facilities as set forth in a complaint filed by the Securities Exchange Commission in federal court. The SEC filed its complaint against Dwayne Edwards on January 20, 2017 and alleged that Dwayne Edwards made false… Read more »

Scott Goldman—Unsuitable Investment Strategy

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Scott F. Goldman Allegedly Made Unsuitable Recommendations to an Elderly Customer which Involved Leveraged Precious Metal Products Scott Goldman, from 2009 to 2010, allegedly made unsuitable recommendations to an elderly customer involving leveraged precious metal products, according to a recent FINRA Letter of Acceptance, Waiver and Consent (AWC) currently under review by attorneys Alan Rosca… Read more »

Brian Hudnall and JBH Consulting Group LLC— Materially False and Misleading Statements

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Brian S. Hudnall and JBH Consulting Group LLC Allegedly Made Materially False and Misleading Statements to Potential Investors with the Hopes of Selling Securities in Multiple Oil and Gas Offerings which Purportedly Raised More than $16 Million Brian Hudnall and JBH Consulting Group LLC, from September 2008 through at least 2014, allegedly misled potential investors… Read more »

Mark Holcombe—Private Securities Transactions without Prior Written Notice

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Mark Robert Holcombe Allegedly Took Part in Two Separate Private Securities Transactions Involving Trident Brands, Inc. without Providing Prior Written Notice to Source Capital Mark Holcombe allegedly took part in two separate private securities transactions involving Trident Brands, Inc. without providing prior written notice to Source Capital, according to a recent FINRA Letter of Acceptance,… Read more »