Vernon Matthews Pleaded Guilty For Defrauding Military Personnel Using First Capital Group

Vernon Matthews defrauded military personnel and their dependents and stole more than $200,000 through an investment fraud scheme. Matthews was sentenced to 48 months in prison after pleading guilty to charges arising from the scheme. Matthews solicited military personnel and their dependents to make investments with his company, First Capital Group (FCG). Matthews misrepresented how… Read more »

David Bridges and SD Capital LLC Accused of Defrauding Investors

David Bridges defrauded investors of more than $650,000, according to an announcement made by United States Attorney Joseph Hogsett. Bridges waived indictment and indicated his desire to enter a guilty plea in connection with his fraudulent activities. Bridges convinced investors to invest in his bogus company, SD Capital LLC, and promised them that the funds… Read more »

Liberty State Benefits of Pennsylvania Accused of Orchestrating a Ponzi Scheme

Liberty State Financial Holdings Corp. through its subsidiary, Liberty State Benefits of Pennsylvania, Inc., conducted a fraudulent scheme by selling investments through the use of misrepresentations, false statements, and omissions, according to a complaint filed on behalf of the New Jersey Bureau of Securities. Liberty State Benefits of Pennsylvania, with the help of Michael Kwasnic,… Read more »

Michael Brendan Ferguson, ATM Scheme Investigated by Securities Lawyers

Michael Brendan Ferguson perpetrated a Ponzi scheme that cost victims more than $10 million in connection with investments involving automatic teller machines (ATMs), according to charges brought against Ferguson.  Ferguson is charged with nine felonies, including securities fraud and grand theft. Attorneys Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer, in the Peiffer Wolf law firm’s securities practice,… Read more »

Gerald Nannen and Senior Financial Advisors Charged with Fraud

Gerald W. Nannen of East Longmeadow and his firm Senior Financial Advisors have been charged with fraud by the Secretary of the Commonwealth Securities division for alleged self-dealing and cheating investors. Nannen and Senior Financial Advisors are being investigated by the Peiffer Wolf securities lawyers. According to the complaint released by the Securities division, Nannen… Read more »

Fifth Third Bank, PNC Bank, and U.S. Bank Accused of Aiding Glen Galemmo’s Queen City Alleged Ponzi Scheme

Fifth Third Bank, PNC Bank, and U.S. Bank have been sued by investors in Glen Galemmo’s alleged Ponzi scheme and accused of aiding and abetting Galemmo scheme. The Peiffer Wolf securities lawyers have been investigating the Galemmo alleged scheme on behalf of victimized investors. Glen Galemmo, former principal of Queen City Investments, has been accused… Read more »

Alfred John Schlette Pleads Guilty to Ponzi Scheme

Alfred John Schlette of San Ramon, California pleaded guilty to charges of defrauding investors and misrepresenting himself as an intraday trader. Schlette allegedly stole over $1.6 million from investors. Schlette pleaded guilty to nine counts of mail fraud after an indictment from a federal grand jury alleging that he never invested the money the investors… Read more »

Barbara Alexander, Michael Swanson, Beth Pina Convicted for Ponzi Scheme

Barbara Alexander, her partner Michael Swanson, and their associate, Beth Pina, were convicted of mail fraud, securities fraud, money laundering and conspiracy, for defrauding investors into investing in “Money Dots.” Alexander faces federal imprisonment after a jury convicted her of 28 counts of felony involving a $4 million Ponzi scheme, according to court documents. Alexander,… Read more »

Pfeiffer and Field Sentenced to Prison, Ask for Reconsideration

Frederick Scott Pfeiffer and Arthur Field, former managers of Capital Investment Funding, have asked the court to reconsider their prison sentence. Pfeiffer and Field are asking for a lower sentence and the inclusion of their time spent behind in jail as part of their sentence. Pfeiffer pleaded guilty for two counts of securities fraud and… Read more »

Matrix Capital Group Sanctioned in Connection with Variable Annuity Sales

Matrix Capital Group, Inc. and its president, Christopher Anci are being investigated by attorneys Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer of the Peiffer Wolf law firm, which represents investors across the country who lost money as a result of investment misconduct. The investigation follows sanctions against Matrix and Anci by the securities regulators in connection with… Read more »