Maxum Gold Bank, FMP Medical, Organizers Accused of Orchestrating Ponzi Scam

Christopher A.T. Pedras, Sylvester M. Gray II and Alicia Bryan were charged by the SEC with using Maxum Gold Bnk Holdings Ltd, Maxum Gold Bnk Holdings LLC, FMP Medical Services Limited, and FMP Medical to perpetrate a Ponzi scheme. To limit the damages caused by the alleged Maxum Gold scheme, the SEC announced an emergency… Read more »

Invictus Capital, John Carris Investments and George Carris Investigated

Invictus Capital, John Carris Investments, and George Carris are being investigated by the securities attorneys at the Peiffer Rosca law firm, for alleged violations of the securities laws and regulations in connection with the sale of Invictus Capital securities to their customers. John Carris Investments, a securities broker-dealer firm, and George Carris, its principal and owner, have been… Read more »

Underwriter of Municipal Bonds Issued by Washington’s Wenatchee Valley Region Investigated

The underwriter of a municipal bond offering conducted by Washington State’s Greater Wenatchee Regional Events Center Public Facilities District is being investigated by the securities lawyers at the Peiffer Rosca law firm, for its role in the promotion of that offering. The Greater Wenatchee Regional Events Center Public Facilities District offered a series of municipal bonds to finance the construction of… Read more »

Richard Schwartz Fraud Recovery Options for Investors

Richard Schwartz, an investment advisor formerly in Kokomo, Indiana, has been accused by regulators of perpetrating a fraudulent investment scheme that victimized scores of investors across the country, under the umbrella of RAS & Associates, his investment advisory firm. Richard Schwartz was a licensed securities stockbroker, affiliated with securities broker-dealer firms throughout his career, according to regulatory… Read more »

Christopher Linton Indicted for Integrity Capital Alleged Fraud

Christopher Shawn Linton, a former Alabaster, Alabama attorney, was indicted for organizing an allegedly fraudulent investment scheme known as Integrity Capital, in the greater Birmingham area. Chris Linton was charged with perpetrating a securities fraud scheme as well as bank fraud, through Integrity Capital, a factoring business.  Linton purchased stock in Integrity Capital in 2007 and became the company’s officer and… Read more »

Tony Thompson, Thompson National Properties, and TNP Strategic Retail Trust Sued

Tony Thompson, Thompson National Properties, and TNP Strategic Retail Trust have been sued in a class action by securities attorneys Alan Rosca and Joe Peiffer, along with their co-counsel. Attorneys Alan Rosca, Joe Peiffer, and their colleagues have been filing cases on behalf of investors in a number of real estate investment programs sponsored by Thompson National Properties… Read more »

Indiana Investment Professional Charged with Fraud

Lynn A. Simon, an Evansville investment adviser, has been charged with securities fraud for allegedly swindling investors in his area of more than $1 million. Investigation by securities lawyers Alan Rosca and Joe Peiffer established that Lynn Simon was a licensed investment professional, working out of a Kokomo, Indiana branch office. Simon also operated a… Read more »

Colorado Stockbroker Charged with Investment Fraud

Brian Elrod, a Buffalo Creek, Colorado stockbroker, has been accused of perpetrating a fraudulent investment scheme that raised millions of dollars from investors between March and November, 2009. Elrod has been sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission for allegedly conducting a fraudulent offering of promissory notes.  The Commission also sued California attorney Nova Dean… Read more »

Atlanta Investment Professional Charged with Fraud

Atlanta stockbroker Blake Richards has been charged with fraud.  Securities attorneys Alan Rosca and Joe Peiffer are investigating Blake Richards on behalf of investors. Buford, Georgia investment advisor Blake Richards has been charged by federal securities regulators with fraud and misappropriation of customer funds. Investigation by securities lawyers Alan Rosca and Joe Peiffer has established… Read more »

Oscar Villarreal’s WW Capital III Fund Investigated by Attorneys Alan Rosca, Joe Peiffer

WW Capital III Fund, organized by Cleveland investment professional Oscar Villarreal, is being investigated by Cleveland attorney Alan Rosca and New Orleans attorney Joe Peiffer, following allegations of possible investment misconduct reported in the Cleveland media. Oscar Villarreal raised funds for his WW Capital III fund from several prominent Cleveland area investors, according to a September 5, 2013 article… Read more »