Joseph Anthony Giordano Investigated by Securities Lawyers Following Regulatory Sanctions

Joseph Anthony Giordano, a licensed financial professional from Grasonville, Maryland, is being investigated by the securities lawyers at the Peiffer Wolf law firm, following regulatory sanctions against him. Joseph Giordano was recently barred from association with any securities broker-dealer firm member in any capacity, according to regulatory documents reviewed by securities attorneys Jason Kane and… Read more »

Robert Kendrick Gray Fined, Suspended by Securities Regulators

Robert Kendrick Gray, a licensed financial professional in Santa Monica, California, was recently fined $15,000 by the securities industry regulators  and suspended from the securities industry for two months, regulatory documents reviewed by securities attorneys Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer indicate. Gray consented to the sanctions and did not deny the regulators’ findings, nor did he… Read more »

FINRA Poised to Increase Regulation of IRA Rollovers

Presumably due to concerns over an increase in fraud relating to retirees’ IRA rollover accounts, FINRA, in Regulatory Notice 13-45, reminded brokerage firms of their responsibilities in advising customers or prospective customers regarding the decision of whether or not to rollover their employer-sponsored 401(k) retirement plan to a brokerage firm IRA. When offering such advice,… Read more »

Michael James Blake Suspended for Concealing Private Securities Transactions

Michael James Blake, a licensed investment professional, was suspended by FINRA after being charged by the regulators with selling interests to customers without approval from his broker-dealer, providing false information to his employer, and failing to disclose outside business activities. Blake engaged in private securities transaction involving investment amounting to $3.2 million without prior notice and… Read more »

Brian Matt Borakowski and George Alexander Kardaras Sanctioned for Ponzi Scheme

Brian Matt Borakowski and George Alexander Kardaras, both financial professionals in Scottsdale, Arizona were barred from associating with any FINRA member in any capacity. The Arizona Corporation Commission already ordered Borakowski and Kardaras to pay restitution to the customers who purchased the promissory notes. Because of that, FINRA no longer asked for restitution for said customers. FINRA also did not ask… Read more »

Michael Anthony Barina Sanctioned by Securities Regulators

Michael Anthony Barina, a Longwood, Florida stockbroker, was fined $12,500 and suspended from associating with any FINRA member in any capacity for three months as a result of investment-related misconduct alleged by FINRA. Barina did not deny, or admit, FINRA’s findings of fact. He consented to the regulator’s sanctions and the entry of findings that he… Read more »

Eddy Marin, Kenneth Saluk, Andrew Waldman, and Others Arrested for Operating Boiler Room Scam

Eddy Marin, Davie Saluk, Andrew Waldman, and eleven others were accused of operating a boiler room and selling bogus stocks to some 130 investors in the United States and Canada. Their total take reached millions of dollars in just four months, according to law enforcement officials. Eight of the accused have already been arrested: Eddy Marin, Kenneth Saluk, Andrew Waldman, Peter Lanciault, Chirstopher Fardella, Farrell… Read more »

Statesville, North Carolina Businessman Charged with Fraud

Daniel Harold Williford, a Statesville, North Carolina businessman, has been charged with perpetrating a $44 million fraudulent investment scheme that defrauded over 200 victims in North Carolina and elsewhere. Court documents reviewed by securities attorneys Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer allege that Daniel Williford told his victims he operated a number of telecommunications and IT… Read more »

Georgia Investment Professional Accused of Misappropriating Investor Funds

James Arnold Busch, a Georgia investment professional, was accused of misappropriating $1.3 million from approximately eight investors, most of whom were elderly women. Busch was permanently barred from the securities industry for his alleged violations.  He agreed to the sanctions and did not deny the regulators’ findings, while also declining to admit them. Regulatory documents reviewed… Read more »

Thomas Franklin Tarbutton Extradited and Arraigned for $3 Million Ponzi Scam

Thomas Franklin Tarbutton, the 54-year-old former operator of Villa Capital Inc. who fled the country in 2011 has been extradited from Panama back to Orange County to face 29 counts of felony charges, including grand theft and forgery. Tarbutton, through his Villa Capital Inc. business, told investors that their money would be used to provide loans to people seeking… Read more »