Thompson National Properties Investors Suing Underwriter of TNP 2008 Participating Notes

TNP 2008 Participating Note investors have sued Berthel Fisher & Company, an Iowa stockbrokerage firm that helped promote that TNP-sponsored real estate investment program to the investing public. The investors are represented by securities attorneys Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer, along with their Iowa co-counsel. Thompson National Properties (“TNP”), an Irvine, California real estate management firm, has organized and promoted… Read more »

Seattle Investment Professional Guilty of Fraud

Jose Nino De Guzman, a Seattle investmnet professional, pled guilty of fraud in connectin with a real estate investment program he created and promoted to investors in Washington state and elsewhere. De Guzman established and managed NDG Investment Group, a real estate investment firm that promoted real estate investment opportunities in Peru, according to court… Read more »

Investment Recovery Options for Glen Galemmo Investors

Securities attorneys Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer continue to investigate the alleged Ponzi scheme perpetrated by Cincinnati investment advisor Glen Galemmo and are focusing on a number of possible investment loss recovery options. Galemmo has been accused of perpetrating a Ponzi scheme that may have been defrauded hundreds of investors nationwide out of tens of millions of… Read more »

Dallas Medical Insurance Company Executives Charged with Fraud

Dallas medical insurance executives Duncan MacDonald and Gloria Solomon have been charged with fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Documents reviewed by securities attorneys Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer indicates the two executives were accused of orchestrating a $10 million fraudulent investment scheme that victimized more than 80 investors nationwide. Duncan MacDonald and Gloria… Read more »

Cole III REIT Investors’ Options to Seek Compensation

Securities attorneys Joe Peiffer and Jason Kane, along with their co-counsel, have recently filed a case on behalf of Cole III REIT investors, charging Cole III and certain of its affiliates and directors with orchestrating a transaction with Cole’s management company to the detriment of the investors. Investors who have suffered losses as a result… Read more »

Stockbroker Barred for Stealing Client Funds

Redlands, California stockbroker John Thomes has been barred by the securities regulators for allegedly stealing over $4 million from two clients, including an elderly client who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. Thomes, president of financial service firm Thomes & Associates, Inc., of Redlands, California, converted his clients’ money between December, 2010 and January, 2013, according to… Read more »

Investment Recovery Options for Kevin White Investors

As earlier reported on this blog, Dallas investment adviser Kevin G. White has been charged with fraud and misappropriation of investor funds, in an action filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Kevin G. White organized, promoted, and managed Revelation Forex Fund, a purported foreign currency exchange hedge fund, according to the SEC Complaint. Far from being a successful… Read more »

Dallas Investment Adviser Charged with Fraud

Dallas investment adviser Kevin G. White has been accused by the securities regulators of orchestrating a $7.1 million fraudulent investment scheme.  Investigation by securities attorneys Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer suggests White was able to perpetrate his alleged fraud with the assistance of a financial service company. Kevin White started and promoted a forex fund called Revelation Forex… Read more »