Kristian Gaudet Lawsuit | Broker Misconduct

Who Is Kristian Gaudet? | Kristian Gaudet Lawsuit Kristian Gaudet was a Cut Off, Louisiana stockbroker. Gaudet was formerly registered with Ameritas Investment Corp, but he was recently barred from associating with any Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) member in any capacity. According to FINRA’s BrokerCheck website for Public Disclosures, “Gaudet consented to the sanction and… Read more »

UBS Yield Enhancement Strategy Lawsuits

UBS Yield Enhancement Strategy Lawsuits | UBS YES Lawsuits | Credit Suisse YES Lawsuits UBS Group and Credit Suisse are multinational investment banks and financial services companies with offices in most major financial centers. UBS and Credit Suisse pitched the Yield Enhancement Strategy (YES) as a low-risk alternative to traditional investing. However, UBS YES investors… Read more »

Dock Treece Investigation

Dock Treece Investigation The Ohio Department of Commerce has issued an order to Toledo investment adviser, Dock Treece, stating it intends to suspend his securities license and shut down his investment firms. The department’s division of securities last month notified Dock Treece of Treece Financial Services Corp. and Treece Investment Advisory Corp., that it intends… Read more »

John Davenport Lawsuit | Broker Misconduct

Who Is John Davenport? | John Davenport Lawsuit John Francis Davenport is a Norwalk, Connecticut and Bakersfield, California broker. John Davenport of Davenport & Associates is currently registered with Liberty Partners Financial Services and was previously registered 11 additional firms for short periods of time: Securities America, FSC Securities Corp., SII Investments, Royal Alliance Associates,… Read more »

Jenna Brown Lawsuit | Broker Misconduct

Who Is Jenna Brown? | Jenna Brown Lawsuit Jenna Brown is a Syracuse, New York broker. Jenna Brown is currently registered with Lifemark Securities Corporation and was previously registered with Cadaret Grant & Co. Jenna Brown currently has 2 Brokercheck Disclosures, including a regulatory suspension and civil and administrative penalty imposed by FINRA. The suspension… Read more »

GDS Holdings Investigation

GDS Holdings Investigation On July 31, 2018, a report published by Blue Orca Capital alleged that “GDS is borrowing crippling amounts of debt to enrich insiders by acquiring data centers from undisclosed related parties which are not nearly as valuable as the Company claims. We believe that since becoming a public Company, GDS has borrowed… Read more »

Andrew Corbman Lawsuit

Who Is Andrew Corbman? Andrew Corbman Investigation. KOVACK SECURITIES INC was ordered to pay $428,250 on behalf of Andrew Corbman in a customer dispute for Violations of the Virginia Securities Act, Common Law Fraud, Securities Fraud, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Unsuitability, Negligence, and Breach of Contract. Broker Andrew Corbman was suspended from FINRA in 2016…. Read more »

Ernest Romer Lawsuit

Ernest Romer Lawsuit From approximately 2014 through 2016, Romer defrauded at least 30 of his retail brokerage customers out of approximately $2.7 million. During that time period, Romer worked as a registered representative associated with CoreCap Investments, Inc., a registered broker-dealer with the SEC (“CoreCap Investments”). Romer persuaded at least 30 of his customers to… Read more »

David Fagenson Investigation

Who is David Fagenson? David Fagenson Investigation Industry regulator FINRA has suspended a former UBS broker for alleged excessive trading in elderly client accounts. According to a letter of acceptance, waiver, and consent published by FINRA, David Fagenson allegedly “engaged in quantitatively unsuitable trading” in the accounts of three clients, who ranged in age from their 70s to… Read more »

Shimshon Plotkin Lawsuit | Broker Misconduct

Who Is Shimshon Plotkin? | Shimshon Plotkin Lawsuit Shimshon Plotkin is a Chevy Chase, Maryland broker. Plotkin is currently registered with Independent Financial Group (IFG) and was previously registered with Pacific West Securities, Cambridge Investment Research, Royal Alliance Associates, and Sun Investment Services Company. Plotkin currently has 7 FINRA Brokercheck Disclosures, including Awards, Judgements, and… Read more »