SEC Announces $1.7 Million Whistleblower Award

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$1.7 Million Whistleblower Award Given to a Company Insider who Provided the SEC with Crucial Information to Assist in Preventing a Fraud Which Might have Been Very Hard to Detect Otherwise The Securities and Exchange Commission announced a whistleblower award on July 27th of more than $1.7 million to a company insider who provided said… Read more »

Sylvester King Jr.— Alleged Sales of Undisclosed Securities Actions and Selling Away

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Sylvester King Jr. Allegedly Sold over $5 Million Unregistered, Illiquid Securities to Certain Professional Athletes and Investment Advisory Clients in an Internet Branding Company Known as Global Village Concerns, Inc. or GVC Sylvester King Jr., starting in 2009 and continuing into 2012, allegedly participated in sales of over $5 million of unregistered, illiquid securities to… Read more »

Victor Dandridge — Alleged Diversion of Customer Funds

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Victor M. Dandridge III Allegedly Diverted Customer Funds to Accounts at His Member Firm to Accounts and Businesses He Controlled Victor Dandridge allegedly diverted customer funds from accounts held at his member firm to accounts and businesses that he controlled, according to a recent Letter of Acceptance, Waiver, and Consent (AWC) presently being reviewed by… Read more »

Robert Hoffmann — Alleged Unsuitable Trading Recommendations & Unauthorized Transactions

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Robert H. Hoffmann Allegedly Engaged in Unsuitable Trading Recommendations, Unauthorized Transactions, Excessive Trading, and Private Securities Transactions Robert Hoffmann, who was registered with Woodbury Financial Services in Greenwood, Indiana from July 2006 through March 2017, allegedly engaged in potential unsuitable recommendations, unauthorized transactions, excessive trading, and private securities transactions, according to a recent Letter of Acceptance,… Read more »

Jerry Lou Guttman — Private Securities Transactions

Jerry Lou Guttman Allegedly Sold over $7,000,000 worth of Membership Interests in at Least Six Different Limited Liability Companies to 31 Firm Customers and Seven Non-customers without First Disclosing the Sales to United Planners Jerry Lou Guttman, from September 2008 through May 2017, allegedly sold more than $7 million worth of membership interests in at… Read more »

Woodbridge Mortgage Investment Fund—Sale of Securities by Unregistered Brokers

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Woodbridge Mortgage Investment Fund Allegedly Engaged in the Offer and Sale of Unregistered Securities, the Sale of Securities by Unregistered Brokers, and the Commission of Fraud in Connection with the Offer, Purchase, and Sale of Securities Woodbridge Mortgage Investment Fund, of Sherman Oaks, California, allegedly engaged in the offer and sale of unregistered securities, the sale of… Read more »

Gopi Vungarala — Alleged Investment Fraud

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Gopi Krishna Vungarala Allegedly Induced a Native American Tribe to Invest Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Non-traded Real Estate Investment Trusts and Business Development Companies, without Disclosing that He and His Firm Took Commissions on the Sales Gopi Vungarala, from at least June 2011 through January 2015, and through his firm, PKS, allegedly regularly lied to his customer, known… Read more »

Jay Costa Kelter— Investment Fraud

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Jay Costa Kelter, a Former Investment Advisor and Formerly Known as Ignatius J. Costa, III, Allegedly Defrauded an Elderly Brentwood Woman out of $1.4 Million Jay Costa Kelter, 48, and formerly known as Ignatius J. Costa, III, allegedly defrauded an Elderly Brentwood out of about $1.4 million, according to Court Documents from the U.S. Attorney’s… Read more »

David Albert Ross — Accepting Customer Loans without Disclosure & Undisclosed Outside Business Activities

David Albert Ross Allegedly Accepted Customer Loans, Totaling $89,000, without Disclosure and also Allegedly Engaged in Two Undisclosed Outside Business Activities David Albert Ross, beginning in 2008 and up to his termination in 2016, and during his employment with two member firms (Signator Investors, Inc. and Woodbury Financial Services, Inc.), allegedly engaged in a pattern… Read more »

Steven Simmons— Ponzi Scheme

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Steven Simmons Recently Pleaded Guilty to One Alleged Count of Conspiracy after Being Charged in an Alleged $81 Million “Hamilton” Ponzi Scheme Steven Simmons, 48, of Wilton, Connecticut, was charged in January in an alleged $81 million “Hamilton” Ponzi scheme and subsequently pleaded guilty Monday to one count of conspiracy, according to Court Reports from a… Read more »