Demitrios Hallas—Unsuitable Trading in Customer Accounts

California stockbroker fraud attorneyDemitrios Hallas Allegedly Engaged in Reckless Trading of Investment Instruments in the Accounts of Five Customers; Hallas Also Allegedly Misappropriated over $170,000 from One Customer

Demitrios Hallas knowingly or recklessly allegedly made trades in unsuitable investment products in the accounts of five customers and also allegedly misappropriated over $170,000 from one customer, according to an SEC Complaint.

Demitrios Hallas allegedly regularly traded unsuitable investments in his customers’ accounts which ultimately exposed unsophisticated customers with limited or no investing experience and modest incomes, net worth levels, and assets to significant degrees of volatility and risk, the SEC Complaint notes.

Hallas, in under a year, allegedly traded 179 daily leveraged exchange traded funds (ETFs) and exchange traded notes (ETNs) in the customers’ accounts, which went on to  generate commissions and fees of approximately $128,000, the SEC Complaint reports.

Demitrios Hallas Allegedly Accrued Net Losses of $150,000 across179 Trading Positions

Demitrios Hallas allegedly generated commissions and fees of approximately $128,000 and the alleged net loss across all 179 positions was approximately $150,000, according to the aforementioned SEC Complaint.

The SEC’s complaint further alleges that Hallas allegedly misappropriated over $170,000 in funds from a single customer, the Complaint notes.

Hallas, instead of investing the funds on the customer’s behalf, allegedly made deposits of funds into his own personal bank accounts and used them on personal expenses, including large bar and restaurant bills, credit card and student loan payments, and rent, the SEC notes.

It should also be noted that the SEC alleges that ETFs and ETNs are inherently risky, complex and volatile, and only appropriate for sophisticated investors.

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