Pursuing recovery of investment losses for investors, through FINRA arbitration and securities class actions.

We represent individuals and organizations that have suffered financial loss as a result of investment fraud, Ponzi schemes, broker misconduct, unsuitable investment recommendations, or abusive practices by financial institutions.

We prosecute cases on our clients’ behalf in federal or state court or FINRA arbitration, against members of the financial industry nationwide.  Depending on each particular matter, we may represent clients in class actions, group cases, or individually.

We often talk to investors who lost more than their savings.  Sometimes they also lost trust in their advisor, friend, community leader, fellow parishioner, or family member who cheated them.  Other times they lost confidence in the “system” – the financial industry – and question whether the financial institutions whom they trusted to do their job did so, or whether those institutions put their own interests above their customers’ interests.  Other times they lost hope they would ever see a penny back from their investments.

We encourage investors to talk to us about their losses, so that we can determine – at no charge – whether there are any legal options to seek compensation.  We encourage them to educate themselves as to their case, so they can make informed decisions.

We have helped hundreds of investors who lost their savings because of questionable investment advice or fraudulent investment products.  Each case is different; we would be honored to review your case.

If you believe you have lost money as a result of investment fraud, financial advisor misconduct, or abusive practices by your financial institution, please contact our law firm for a free evaluation of your case.  You can call us at (585) 310-5140 or you can send us a message through the “Contact Us” form on this page.