Investment Recovery Options for Kevin White Investors

As earlier reported on this blog, Dallas investment adviser Kevin G. White has been charged with fraud and misappropriation of investor funds, in an action filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Kevin G. White organized, promoted, and managed Revelation Forex Fund, a purported foreign currency exchange hedge fund, according to the SEC Complaint.

Far from being a successful forex trader, as he told his investors, Kevin White lost money most of the months he traded on behalf of Revelation Forex Fund, charged the SEC.  White also siphoned over $1 million of investor funds from Revelation Forex and used that money for personal expenses, the Complaint stated.

Documents reviewed by securities attorneys Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer show expenses that are clearly non-business related, such as for “dating,” though such documents could not be immediately authenticated.

Investigation by attorneys Kane and Peiffer suggests the promotion of Kevin White‘s alleged scheme was made possible by the assistance of a financial institution.  Based on the evidence they have reviewed, attorneys Kane and Peiffer believe some of the investors may be able to seek compensation for their Revelation Forex Fund investments from such financial institution.

Kevin G. White investors are encouraged to contact attorneys Jason Kane or Joe Peiffer at 585-310-5140 for a free case evaluation.

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