John Lakian Fraud Charges

Cleveland stockbroker fraud lawyer

John Lakian, Ex-GOP Candidate for Governor, Faces Fraud Charges in Massachusetts John Lakian, 72, formerly a star in Massachusetts political circles, has been publicly accused of alleged deceit, and this encounter involves a federal court in New York, according to court documents currently under review by attorneys Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer. Lakian was arrested… Read more »

Pfeiffer and Field Sentenced to Prison, Ask for Reconsideration

Frederick Scott Pfeiffer and Arthur Field, former managers of Capital Investment Funding, have asked the court to reconsider their prison sentence. Pfeiffer and Field are asking for a lower sentence and the inclusion of their time spent behind in jail as part of their sentence. Pfeiffer pleaded guilty for two counts of securities fraud and… Read more »

Fleet Mutual Wealth, MWF Operating Pyramid Scheme, Regulators Charge

Fleet Mutual Wealth Limited and MWF Financial Limited (collectively known as Mutual Wealth) operate an emerging, fraudulent pyramid scheme masquerading as an international investment firm, according to a complaint filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Through its website, social media accounts, and numerous promoters, Mutual Wealth has made and continues to make numerous fraudulent… Read more »