Investors Holding Unsuitable Investments See Their Portfolios Impacted by Market Gyrations

California stockbroker fraud attorneyRecent volatility in the stock markets has caused many investors holding unsuitable investments to see substantial losses in their portfolios. Since the beginning of 2016, The Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 Index, and other major markets have seen significant declines, particularly in the energy sector. The declines in the securities markets have affected all types and sizes of companies, and have hit investors with unsuitable positions hardest.

Investment advisers generally owe a duty to investors to ensure that investment recommendations they make are at least suitable for each investor’s age, risk tolerance, investment objectives, time horizon, and other factors. These suitability rules are designed not for when the markets are going up, but rather are in place for any type of markets – up as well as down. Positions that may be suitable for one investor might be unsuitable for another, based on a variety of factors.

Investors who have experienced losses since the beginning of 2016 as a result of unsuitable recommendations by their brokers may have legal options for recovery. The Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane securities attorneys often represent investors in unsuitability cases against brokers. They are currently investigating the recent declines in the stock market and the possibility of assisting investors with the recovery of losses in connection with brokers’ recommendations of unsuitable investments.

Investors who believe they have lost money in the stock markets as a result of unsuitable recommendations by their financial professional may contact the Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane law firm’s securities practice lawyers Jason Kane or Joe Peiffer for a free, no-obligation of their recovery options, at (585) 310-5140. Together the firm’s securities lawyers have represented hundreds of clients. They often take cases like this on a contingency fee basis and advance case costs, and only get paid for their fees out of the money they recover for their clients.

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