Jonathan Francis—Unauthorized Withdrawal of Customer Funds Charges

stockbroker fraud attorneyJonathan A. Francis Allegedly Withdrew Approximately $210,000 of Customer Funds Without Authorization

Jonathan A. Francis allegedly issued eight ATM cards for the accounts of seven bank customers without the customers’ knowledge and for the reported purpose of assisting in the conversion of approximately $210,000 in cash from those customers’ accounts, according to a recent Complaint filed by FINRA’s Department of Enforcement.

The Complaint goes on to allege that Francis, who was terminated by J.P. Morgan on October 11, 2013 only a year after he was originally hired by the firm, was “under internal review for issuing ATM cards on bank customers accounts and withdrawing funds without their knowledge or consent.”

Jonathan A. Francis Allegedly Withdrew Funds from Seven Customers, Six of Whom Were Dead Souls, Barred by FINRA

Between August 2012, and August 2013, Francis allegedly issued seven ATM cards in the accounts of six dead customers and a card for the account of customer known only as B, and thus abused his position at Chase, J. P. Morgan, and the affiliated banks, the Complaint alleges.

Francis allegedly knew that the issuance of the ATM cards was part of an overall scheme to convert funds from Bank customers, and that said activity was illegal, the Complaint notes.

Finally, the Complaint alleges that by issuing ATM cards without authorization as part of a scheme to convert bank customer funds, Francis allegedly engaged in business related unethical conduct and therefore violated FINRA Rules. As a result FINRA has barred Francis from associating with any FINRA member firm in any capacity.

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