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Michael Ralby, an ex-Morgan Stanley broker, was recently terminated for allegedly accepting loans from clients. Since then, he has now been barred by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) after he declined to take part in its investigation.

Broker Michael Ralby, who worked for Morgan Stanley in Boca Raton, FL, was terminated in January. FINRA routinely investigates brokers who are terminated and if they don’t agree to participate in the investigation, they face being barred completely from the industry.

Michael Ralby has worked at multiple firms over the years before Morgan Stanley, including: First Miami Securities Inc., Smith Barney Inc., D. E. Frey and Co. Inc., JW Genesis Securities Inc., First Union Securities Financial Network Inc., FSC Securities Corporation, Stanford Group Co., and Oppenheimer and Co., Inc.

FINRA maintains a database of investor complaints and disciplinary and employment history for registered representatives and publishes some of this information on its BrokerCheck website, www.brokercheck.finra.org. According to the Michael Ralby BrokerCheck report, he has been involved in at least one Civil Event and four Customer Disputes, two of which appear to still be pending.

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According to Michael Ralby’s BrokerCheck report, his Civil Event appears to be related to a lawsuit concerning his connection to his employer’s Ponzi Scheme. The Stanford Group’s lawsuit against Michael Ralby is in regards to the compensation he allegedly received from Stanford Group in connection with this Ponzi Scheme.

One of the Customer Disputes is linked to allegations of violations of Florida statutes that appears to have been settled for over 2 Million Dollars. However, it is unclear if Michael Ralby’s alleged role in the lawsuit was dismissed. Additionally, it appears as if there are two pending arbitrations filed involving Michael Ralby for allegedly misleading customers in regards to Stanford International Bank certificates of deposit while he was employed at the Stanford Group.

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