North Dakota Development Fraud – Investment Recovery Options

North Dakota Development, Hogan, Gavin Investigated by Securities Lawyers

North Dakota Development investors may be able to recover losses they suffered as a result of their investments with Robert Gavin and Daniel Hogan’s North Dakota Development (“NDD”) investment program, according to securities lawyers Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer of the Peiffer Wolf law firm.

The Peiffer Wolf attorneys have been in contact with NDD investors across the world and have been evaluating a number of recovery options on behalf of such investors.

NDD, Gavin, Hogan Charged with Fraud by the SEC

Recently, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged NDD and its owners, Robert Gavin and Daniel Hogan with defrauding hundreds of investors in the United States and overseas of more than $62 million.

NDD, through Gavin and Hogan as well as a number of agents, sought to raise money from investors for “man camp” projects in North Dakota, according to an investigation by attorneys Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer on behalf of investors.

In reality, none of the projects are fully operational and at least one of them has not even started construction, the SEC alleges in its fraud case.

The federal court has ordered a freeze as to all of NDD’s assets and has appointed a Receiver to take over NDD’s remaining assets.

Peiffer Wolf Lawyers Preparing to Take Action

The Peiffer Wolf attorneys have been investigating the NDD case and are preparing to take action on behalf of victimized investors.

NDD investors may contact the Peiffer Wolf lawyers for a free, no-obligation consultation regarding their investment recovery options, at 585-310-5140 or via email at

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