Peiffer Wolf Securities Lawyers Preparing to Take Action on Behalf of Quantum Energy, LLC and Quaneco, LLC Investors

ponzi scheme lawyersThe Peiffer Wolf securities lawyers are planning to take action and attempt to seek compensation for any losses on behalf of investors who invested in an alleged scheme perpetrated by Harrison Schumacher (“Schumacher”), Quantum Energy, LLC (“Quantum”), and Quaneco, LLC (“Quaneco”).

Schumacher, Quantum, and Quaneco Raised Over $12 Million in a Fraudulent Scheme, According to SEC

Harrison Schumacher and his two companies, Quantum and Quaneco, raised over $12 million from investors in a fraudulent scheme, according to a complaint filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). Schumacher and Quantum represented to investors that the money given to them by investors would be used for the purpose of exploring and developing oil and gas resources. However, Quantum and Schumacher used that money for Schumacher’s compensation and to cover undisclosed corporate business overhead expenses, according to the SEC.

Additionally, Schumacher and his companies commingled the funds in Quantum’s operating accounts by using Quantum’s corporate account to pay Schumacher’s personal expenses, including payments for a Porsche, according to the complaint.

Peiffer  Wolf Securities Attorneys Preparing to Take Action

The securities lawyers at Peiffer  Wolf continue to investigate the alleged scheme carried out by Schumacher, Quantum, and Quaneco. So far, the Peiffer  Wolf securities attorneys have reviewed hundreds of pages of documents and numerous records pertaining to the scheme.

They are preparing to take action on behalf of the investors and seek compensation for any losses they may have suffered.

James booker, Joe Peiffer, and the other attorneys at Peiffer Wolf represent individual and institutional investors who have suffered financial losses as a result of unlawful conduct.  They take most of their cases on a contingency fee basis, and only get paid for their fees and the expenses they advance if and when they recover money for their clients. The terms of representation are fully disclosed and explained to investors prior to entering into an attorney-client relationship.

If you are an investor in the alleged scheme perpetrated by Quantum, Quaneco, and  Schumacher and wish to obtain additional information about the investigation or would like to discuss this matter, please visit or contact Joe Peiffer or James Booker toll free at (216) 589-9280 or by email at, or by filling out the contact form on our website,

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