We represent institutional and individual shareholders in lawsuits against publicly traded and other reporting companies whose misconduct deprive investors of their share holdings’ fair market value.

Securities Fraud

We file class or mass actions on behalf of investors who incur losses in their investment portfolio as a result of securities fraud.  We represent investors in complex litigation against:

  • publicly traded and other reporting companies and mutual funds that engage in material misrepresentations and/or omissions;
  • securities industry members that promote or sell securities through false statements;
  • market participants that engage in market manipulation.

Securities fraud litigation is governed by a complex body of substantive and procedural rules.  Ability to navigate such rules and manage proceedings that may involve a large number of actors is a key part of effective client representation.

Merger and Acquisition Litigation

We take action on behalf of shareholders of publicly traded and other reporting corporations, when such corporations’ boards engage in improper conduct while negotiating merger or acquisition deals.

Merger and acquisition deals may put the interests of company officers and directors at odds with their shareholders’ interests.  Board members, officers, and corporate control persons may disregard the strict procedural rules designed to protect the interests of their shareholders, in an attempt to reach a deal that maximizes their return at the expense of such shareholders.

Shareholders of the selling company may be deprived of their shares’ fair market value when their corporate boards agree to terms that undervalue the company shares.  Shareholders of the purchasing company may suffer losses through the dilution of their shares, when their corporate boards overvalue the selling company and issue too many shares to pay for the acquisition.

We carefully scrutinize merger and acquisition deals on behalf of shareholders and take action when shareholder stand to lose due to unfair valuations or inadequate disclosures.  We pursue appraisal rights and demand fair value for the deal on behalf of our clients.

Shareholder Derivative Actions

We represent shareholders in publicly traded and other reporting companies, who suffer losses in their investment portfolio as a result of misconduct by their corporate fiduciaries.  Misconduct by corporate fiduciaries may take many forms, including:

  • inadequate corporate controls and oversigh failures;
  • excessive executive compensation;
  • self-dealing and conflict-of-interest transactions.

Inadequate corporate controls and oversight failure can result in serious violations by corporations, including violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other anti-bribery provisions; securities rules and regulations; environmental laws; etc.

Shareholder derivative actions require legal counsel that is familiar with the procedural hurdles and the high level of scrutiny to which such cases are subjected by courts.