Malcolm Segal—Alleged Ponzi Scheme

Malcolm Segal Allegedly Operated a Ponzi Scheme, Reportedly Selling So-called CD’s to Customers Under False Pretenses Malcolm Segal allegedly ran a Ponzi scheme wherein he reportedly sold so-called certificates of deposits (CDs) to his brokerage customers by falsely claiming that he could get them higher interest rates of return on FDIC-insured CDs than otherwise available… Read more »

Malcolm Segal—Fraud Scheme

Malcolm Segal Allegedly Ran a $3 Million Fraud Scheme Malcolm Segal, 69, and of Langhorne, Pennsylvania, allegedly ran a $3 million fraud scheme wherein he stole from individuals who thought they were investing their money in Certificates of Deposit, and from investors who held funds in brokerage accounts while he worked at Aegis, according to… Read more »