Sharon Melinda Kwan — Alleged Undisclosed Outside Business Activities

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Sharon Melinda Kwan Allegedly Engaged in Undisclosed Outside Business Activities; Kwan’s Alleged Real Estate Activities Purportedly Involved Two National Planning Corporation Customers and Purportedly Lacked Proper Prior Written Notice to National Planning Corporation Sharon Melinda Kwan allegedly engaged in undisclosed outside business activities involving real estate activities with two firm customers (purported personal friends of… Read more »

Michael Scronic— Alleged Ponzi Scheme

investment fraud attorney Cleveland

Michael Scronic Allegedly Executed a $19 Million Ponzi Scheme Involving 45 Investors via the Scronic Macro Fund; Scronic Allegedly Told Investors He Held Assets of Nearly $22 Million While His Brokerage Account Actually Only Held around $27,500 Michael Scronic, since April 2010, allegedly engaged in a fraudulent scheme that purportedly netted over $19 million from… Read more »

Anthony Vultaggio— Alleged Sales of Private Investments, Undisclosed Outside Business Activities

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Anthony Vultaggio, Jr. Allegedly Engaged in a Potentially Undisclosed Offering of Securities through an Undisclosed Outside Business without Prior Notice to or Consent from American Capital Partners, His Member Firm Anthony Vultaggio allegedly engaged in a potentially undisclosed offering of securities through an undisclosed outside business without prior notice to or consent from his member… Read more »

Craig Langweiler – Excessive and Unauthorized Trading in a Customer Account

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Craig Gary Langweiler Allegedly Engaged in Excessive and Unsuitable Trading of a Customer Account and this High Volume Trading Purportedly Generated Commissions of $27,092 Craig Gary Langweiler, a stockbroker formerly registered with Summit Brokerage Services, Inc., and of Newton, Pennsylvania, allegedly excessively traded the account of a customer from Meyers Associates, L.P. (now known as… Read more »

Jeremy Drake—Investment Fraud

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Jeremy Drake Allegedly Defrauded a Well-known Professional Athlete and His Wife for Over Three Years by Purportedly Telling Them They Paid a Special “VIP” Annual Rate of 0.15 to 0.20% of their Assets Under Management when in Fact they Allegedly Paid 1% Jeremy Drake, an investment adviser formerly of Los Angeles-based HCR Wealth Advisors, allegedly… Read more »

Louis Navellier and Navellier & Associates, Inc.— Alleged Spreading of False Performance Claims Via Advertising Materials

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Louis Navellier and Navellier & Associates, Inc. Allegedly Handed Out False Performance Claims in Their Advertising Materials Louis Navellier and his Navellier & Associates, Inc., from 2010 to 2013, allegedly defrauded their clients and prospective clients, by allegedly making misleading statements regarding the performance track record of the so-called “Vireo AlphaSector” investment strategies that the… Read more »

Daniel Joseph Touizer — Alleged Fraud Scheme

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Daniel Joseph Touizer and His Fort Lauderdale-based Wheat Capital Management Allegedly Orchestrated a Twelve-year Scheme Allegedly Defrauding up to 150 Clients out of $19 Million after Purportedly Persuading them to Invest in Insurance Products, Gems, and Self-storage Units Daniel Joseph Touizer and his Fort Lauderdale-based Wheat Capital Management allegedly orchestrated a twelve-year scheme allegedly defrauding… Read more »

Louis Blazer— Allegedly Defrauding Athletes, Misappropriation of Funds

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Pittsburgh’s Louis Martin Blazer III Allegedly Misappropriated Funds from Athletes while Purportedly Using Said Funds to Invest in Movie Projects and Issue Ponzi-like Payments; Blazer Had Been Barred by the SEC from the Securities Industry in 2016 Louis Blazer, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based financial who heads Blazer Capital Management, allegedly misappropriated money from the accounts of… Read more »

Ernest Romer— Alleged Embezzlement

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Ernest J. Romer III, a Michigan Financial Advisor,  Allegedly Embezzled Nearly Half a Million Dollars from Senior Clients; A Warrant Has Been Issued for Romer’s Arrest Ernest Romer, a 56-year-old financial advisor from Shelby Township, Michigan, allegedly embezzled almost a half million dollars from two senior citizens, according to a recent reports from Michigan currently… Read more »

Scott Newsholme— $1.8 Million Investment Scam

New Jersey’s Scott Newsholme, 42, Allegedly Orchestrated a $1.8 Million Investment Scam; Newsholme Arrested by FBI and IRS Special Agents and Charged with Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, and Securities Fraud Scott Newsholme, an investment advisor from Farmingdale, New Jersey allegedly defrauded his investment clients out of more than $1.8 million by allegedly selling them purportedly… Read more »