Traffic Monsoon Investor alert: Traffic Monsoon’s Alleged Fraud is the Subject of a Civil Action Filed by Peiffer Rosca Wolf Lawyers on Behalf of Certain Traffic Monsoon Investors

Traffic Monsoon and Charles Scoville were sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission in July 2016.  Traffic Monsoon and Scoville are alleged to have operated a fraudulent scheme that raised over $200 million from over 160,000 members/investors worldwide.  A receiver has been appointed in that action. Traffic Monsoon Members Represented by Peiffer Rosca Wolf Lawyers… Read more »

Traffic Monsoon’s Alleged Fraudulent Scheme Under Investigation by Peiffer Rosca Wolf Attorneys

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Traffic Monsoon and Charles Scoville are alleged to have conducted a fraudulent scheme that spanned continents, affected over 160,000 Traffic Monsoon members/investors and raised over $200 million according to a federal lawsuit filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission.  That lawsuit is ongoing and the court has appointed a receiver. Traffic Monsoon Members/Investors’ Potential Recovery… Read more »

Traffic Monsoon, LLC—Ponzi Scheme

Traffic Monsoon, LLC Allegedly Has Run and Ongoing Ponzi Scheme and Operating Fraud Purportedly Ran by Charles David Scoville; Traffic Monsoon, LLC has Allegedly Taken in $207 Million in Sales of Banner AdPacks Traffic Monsoon, LLC has allegedly operated a continuous Ponzi scheme and operating fraud with Charles David Scoville serving as the lead man,… Read more »