Christopher Brogdon Investor Alert: Brogdon Bankruptcy Filing

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Christopher Brogdon, the organizer of several municipal bond offerings accused of fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2015, filed a bankruptcy petition on September 15, 2017 in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Georgia.  He sought that the bankruptcy be maintained under Ch. 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. Brogdon… Read more »

Brogdon Bond Investor News: Lawson Financial and Its Underwriter’s Counsel Settle SEC Charges Stemming from Failed Brogdon Bonds

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April 5, 2017 – The Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) announced a settlement with Lawson Financial Corporation (“Lawson”), Robert Lawson, and former underwriter’s counsel John T. Lynch in a case stemming from Lawson’s offering of fraudulent bonds managed by Christopher Brogdon. The SEC order which memorializes the settlement specifically finds that Lawson and the named… Read more »

Peiffer Wolf Law Firm Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Brogdon Bond Investors

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The Peiffer Wolf securities lawyers recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of investors who purchased bonds that were offered by entities controlled by Christopher Brogdon. Investors who purchased any such bonds are encouraged to contact the Peiffer Wolf securities lawyers for a free, no-obligation evaluation of their legal options. SEC Takes Action Against Brogdon In… Read more »

Christopher Brogdon Bonds at Center of New Lawsuit Filed by the Peiffer Wolf Securities Attorneys

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The Peiffer Wolf securities attorneys recently filed a new lawsuit on behalf of investors who invested in municipal bond offerings organized by Christopher Brogdon. The Peiffer Wolf lawyers sued a financial institution and two underwriters that, according to the allegations in the complaint, assisted in the Brogdon Bond programs. Investors who invested in Brogdon’s bond… Read more »

Christopher Brogdon—Investment Fraud

Christopher Brogdon Allegedly Brought in $168 million from 54 Conduit Municipal Bond Deals and $22 Million from Private Placement Offers for 25 Years in the Nursing Home Business Christopher Brogdon, allegedly raised $168 million from 54 conduit municipal bond deals and $22 million from private placements during his 25 years in the nursing home business,… Read more »

Christopher F. Brogdon—Modified Asset Freeze and Injunction

Christopher F. Brogdon Facing Modified Asset Freeze and Injunction from the SEC The Peiffer Wolf securities lawyers are currently investigating Christopher F. Brogdon, who allegedly ran a nursing home scheme, according to a recent SEC Order. Christopher F. Brogdon is now facing a modified asset freeze and injunction, according to a recent SEC Order currently… Read more »

Christopher F. Brogdon— Civil Fraud

Christopher F. Brogdon’s Promissory Notes were Allegedly Sold by a Tinton Fall, New Jersey-based Firm That is Now Facing a Civil Fraud Complaint Filed by FINRA Christopher F. Brogdon’s was allegedly involved in a scheme wherein FINRA filed a civil fraud complaint against a Tinton Falls, New Jersey-based firm that sold more than $8 million… Read more »

Cantone Research Inc., President Anthony Cantone—Investment Fraud

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Cantone Research Inc. and its President Anthony Cantone Facing Charges from FINRA over Alleged Misrepresentations Related to Christopher Brogdon and Sales of $8 Million in Promissory Notes Cantone Research Inc. (CRI) and its President Anthony Cantone are facing charges of alleged misrepresentations related to Christopher Brogdon and sales of $8 million in promissory notes, according… Read more »

Christopher F. Brogdon and Summit Trust—Fraud Charges

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Chris Brogdon and Summit Trust Allegedly Raised Money from Investors Through Fraudulent Private Placement, Muni Bond Offerings, SEC Charges Christopher Brogdon and Summit Trust allegedly raised money from investors through a fraudulent investment scheme that stretched over nearly two decades, according to civil fraud charges filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission in federal court…. Read more »

Christopher F. Brogdon – Investment Fraud Charges

Christopher Brogdon Allegedly Engaged in Investment Fraud, Raised Approximately $190 Million Through Bond Offerings but Misused Investor Funds, SEC Charges Christopher F. Brogdon, an Atlanta-based businessman, allegedly orchestrated a purported $190 Million investment scheme wherein he siphoned cash in order to purchase and renovate senior living facilities, according to recent documents from the SEC currently… Read more »