Michael Mendenhall Accused of Investment Fraud

Colorado investment professional Michael Mendenhall has been accused of recruiting investors to a fraudulent investment program organized by its Chadbourn Partners LLC. Chadbourn allegedly sought investments from unsophisticated and elderly Colorado investors but failed to disclose to them material information regarding their investments according to a statement released by the Colorado Securities Commission. Chadbourn Partners… Read more »

Edward Van Der Molen Charged With Racketeering, Security Fraud and Theft

Edward Van Der Molen has been charged with racketeering, securities fraud, and theft in connection with allegedly fraudulent investments contracts he sold to investors.   Van Der Molen sold investment contracts, which he called either “net lease agreements” or “lease-back agreements,” in connection with investment properties at the Three Bears Resort in Warrens Wisconsin and… Read more »

Vasquez Global Investments and Edwin Vasquez Ordered to Stop Selling Securities

Vasquez Global Investments, LLC or VGI and Edwin A. Vasquez were ordered to stop engaging in the sale of securities, investments, or the business thereof and the like unless the securities are duly registered and unless they, including the entities under their control, are duly registered as securities dealers, as stated in a Cease and… Read more »

Jesse C. Litvak Indicted for Defrauding Investment Fund

Jesse C. Litvak, a former investment professional and managing director at Jefferies & Co. Inc., has been accused of investment fraud. Litvak allegedly lied to his institutional customers about the prices of bond he sold them, increasing his profits . Litvak was a registered broker-dealer and managing director in Jefferies & Co.’s Stamford branch. He… Read more »