George Bussanich—Ponzi Scheme

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George Bussanich Sr Allegedly Operated a $7 Million Family-run Ponzi Scheme in New Jersey George Bussanich, along with his wife, son and five others, allegedly operated a $7 million Ponzi scheme in New Jersey, according to Reports from the New Jersey attorney general currently under review by attorneys Joe Peiffer and James Booker. Several Peiffer… Read more »

George Bussanich Sr.—Investment Scheme

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George Bussanich Sr. Allegedly Ran a $3 Million Investment Scheme George Bussanich Sr., 56, of Park Ridge, New Jersey, his son George Bussanich Jr., 35, of Saddle River, NJ, and his wife Wilma Bussanich, 54, of Park Ridge, NJ allegedly ran a $3 million investment scheme, according to Reports from the New Jersey Attorney General’s… Read more »

George Bussanich Sr. and George Bussanich Jr. to Pay $5.5 Million in Fraud Settlement

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George Bussanich Sr. and George Bussanich Jr., investment professionals in Upper Saddle River, NJ, were accused defrauding more than 30 of their clients out of millions of dollars in an alleged investment fraud scheme and are to pay $5.5 million in restitution and civil penalties, according to the New Jersey Bureau of Securities. The Peiffer… Read more »

George Bussanich Barred From Securities Industry Due to Undisclosed Business Activities

George Bussanich is barred from the securities industry by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) in connection with claims he failed to disclose outside business activity to his firm, Kovack Securities, Inc.  Bussanich was subject to a FINRA investigation concerning undisclosed business activities and possible private securities transactions that occurred away from Kovack, including those… Read more »