Paul Smith — Investment Advisory Fraud

Paul W. Smith, an Ex-broker, Allegedly Operated a Decades Long Investment Advisory Fraud Raising Approximately $2.35 Million from Roughly 30 Investors; Smith Allegedly Claimed He would Invest in Securities but then Purportedly Used the Money for Personal Use or to Repay other Investors Ex-broker Paul Smith, from 1991 to 2016, allegedly raised approximately $2.35 million… Read more »

Regal Securities Inc.—Failure to Enforce Procedures Relating to Review and Approval of an Outside Business Activity

Regal Securities Inc. Allegedy Failed to Establish and Enforce Procedures Relating to Approval and Review of an Outside Business Activity Regal Securities Inc. allegedly failed to establish and enforce procedures relating to its review and approval of an outside business activity, according to a recent FINRA Letter of Acceptance, Waiver and Consent (AWC) currently under… Read more »

Richard Cody—Investment Fraud Allegations

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Richard G. Cody Allegedly Defrauded at Least Three Clients over a Twelve-year Period by Purportedly Hiding Losses in Their Retirement Accounts; Cody Allegedly Sent Clients Doctored Tax Forms Richard Cody allegedly orchestrated a multi-year fraud scheme against retired clients by hiding the truth that their retired accounts had purportedly been pilfered, according to SEC Documents… Read more »

Hank M. Werner—Fraudulent Scheme

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Hank M. Werner Allegedly Profited from an Elderly, Blind, and Physically Disabled Customer through a Fraudulent Scheme Wherein He Churned Said Customer’s Account Hank M. Werner allegedly profited from an elderly, blind, and physically disabled customer through a fraudulent scheme wherein he churned said customer’s account, according to a Complaint from FINRA’s Department of Enforcement currently under… Read more »

ACAP Financial Inc.— Facilitation and Liquidation of Unregistered Microcap Stocks

ACAP Financial Inc.. Allegedly Facilitated the Liquidation of over 3.3 Billion Shares of Four Unregistered Microcap Stocks that Two Customers Deposited into Firm Accounts ACAP Financial Inc., between January 2011 and December 2013, allegedly facilitated the liquidation of over 3.3 billion shares of four unregistered microcap stocks that two customers deposited into their accounts at… Read more »

Ash Narayan– Multi-million Dollar Fraud Scheme

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Ash Narayan Allegedly Operated a Multi-million Dollar Fraud Scheme Wherein He Purportedly Directed Clients into High-risk Investments in Ticket Reserve Inc. (TTR) Ash Narayan allegedly operated a multi-million dollar fraud scheme wherein he purportedly directed clients into high-risk investments in Ticket Reserve Inc. (TTR), according to a Complaint from the SEC’s U.S. District Court (Northern… Read more »

Jerome “Joe” Bonnett—Misappropriation of Funds, Alleged Ponzi Scheme

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Jerome “Joe” Bonnett Allegedly Used Clients’ Money to Pay Himself, His Mortgage and Restaurant Startup, and to Replace and Replenish Funds in Other Clients’ Accounts Jerome “Joe” Bonnett, since at least 2007, has allegedly used clients’ money to pay himself, his mortgage and a restaurant startup loan, and to replenish funds in other clients’ accounts,… Read more »

United Development Funding IV Experiences Events of Default; Suspends Distributions to Shareholders

United Development Funding IV (“UDF IV”), a Texas-based real estate investment trust announced in a May 23, 2016 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it had experienced “certain events of default” and entered into a forbearance agreement with one of its lenders regarding a $35 million loan that originated on July 2, 2014…. Read more »

Charles Robert Cobb–Private Securities Transactions without Providing Prior Notice

Charles Robert Cobb Allegedly Participated in Five Private Securities Transactions Totalling $486,168 in Sales, without Having Provided Prior Notice Charles Robert Cobb, between 2007 and 2008, allegedly participated in five private securities transactions totaling $486,168 in sales, without providing prior notice to Madison Avenue Securities, Inc., according to a Complaint from FINRA’s Department of Enforcement… Read more »

Jean Walsh-Josephson—Investment Fraud Involving Elderly Clients

Jean Walsh-Josephson Allegedly Stole $4 Million from Elderly Clients over Past Ten Years Jean Walsh-Josephson, a longtime Oshkosh financial adviser for Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, allegedly stole $4 million from elderly clients over the past 10 years, according to a Wisconsin civil action dated April 21 currently under review by attorneys Jason Kane and Joe… Read more »