GWG Renewable Secured Debentures Helped Lead to Suspension of Michael Wurdinger

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GWG Renewable Secured Debentures, an illiquid and high-risk alternative investment, played a large role in the sanctions levied against Michael John Wurdinger by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”). Wurdinger, formerly associated with Center Street Securities, Inc., was suspended by FINRA relating to allegations that he failed to supervise sales of GWG Renewed Secure Debentures…. Read more »

Michael John Wurdinger Tied to Selling of Highly Risky Renewable Secured Debentures

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Michael John Wurdinger, an investment professional in Nashville, TN, failed to satisfactorily oversee the sales of risky and illiquid GWG Renewable Secured Debentures by investment professionals he supervised, according to the FINRA report. The Peiffer Wolf law firm’s securities practice attorneys Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer are investigating the matter on behalf of the investors… Read more »

Peiffer Wolf Attorneys Pursuing Claims Arising out of Investments Solicited by Former Stockbroker Matthew Trulli

The Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane LLC law firm’s securities practice attorneys along with San Francisco attorney Adam Wolf are preparing to seek compensation for investments solicited and received by former California stockbroker Matthew Trulli from his customers. Matthew Trulli solicited hundreds of thousands of dollars from his investors and has failed to repay them,… Read more »

George Bussanich Barred From Securities Industry Due to Undisclosed Business Activities

George Bussanich is barred from the securities industry by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) in connection with claims he failed to disclose outside business activity to his firm, Kovack Securities, Inc.  Bussanich was subject to a FINRA investigation concerning undisclosed business activities and possible private securities transactions that occurred away from Kovack, including those… Read more »

BB&T Securities Sanctioned by Securities Regulators For the Sale of Unregistered Securities

Scott & Stringfellow, LLC, before it merged with BB&T Securities, LLC, sold unregistered securities in violation of Securities Act of 1933, according to factual findings made by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). BB&T Securities was fined $300,000 and censured in connection with the claims that Scott & Stringfellow sold unregistered securities. Scott & Stringfellow… Read more »

SEC Announces Emergency Action Against Wall Street Banker

Frank “Perk” Hixon Jr., a New York City based investment banker, was recently named in a Securities and Exchange Commission emergency action for allegedly making $1 million in illicit profits from insider trading. According to the emergency action, Mr. Hixon used insider information to trade in three public companies: Westway Group, Titanium Metal Corporation and… Read more »