Ponzi Schemer Eliyahu Weinstein Faces New Charges Surrounding the Sale of Facebook Stock and Florida Real Estate

Eliyahu Weinstein, a convicted Ponzi schemer, is accused of orchestrating another scheme to defraud victims regarding purported investments in Facebook stock and Florida real estate, according to an indictment filed in federal court. Weinstein and his fellow conspirators offered a pair of investors the opportunity to purchase large blocks of Facebook shares prior to the… Read more »

Regina Preetorius Sentenced to 280 months in Prison for Defrauding Investors in Connection with Scheme to Assist Distressed Homeowners

Regina M. Preetorius, of Augusta, Georgia, was convicted of multiple counts of fraud and three counts of money laundering charges and sentenced to over 23 years in prison in connection with a multi-million dollar investment fraud scheme. Preetorius promised investors that they would make enormous returns off of their investments in real estate. Her victims… Read more »

Dunya Predovan, Who Claimed to Have Ties to George Soros, Sentenced to Five Years in Prison After Orchestrating a Ponzi Scheme

Dunya Predovan, of Manahawkin, New Jersey, was sentenced to five years in prison and ordered to repay investors $750,350 in restitution after she pled guilty to a charge of theft by deception. Predovan orchestrated a Ponzi scheme and gained the attention of investors by informing them that she worked for George Soros in the 1980s… Read more »

Investors Encouraged to Be Vigilant When Exchanging Annuities

Broker-dealers are selling a bigger share of indexed annuities, and investors should be mindful of all the fees associated when moving to an indexed annuity from a variable annuity. When an annuity exchange occurs, investors should investigate whether or not they will incur any increased costs. Investors should also determine if there are any surrender… Read more »

Paul Souder Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charges after Taking More Than $1 million from Investors

Paul Souder, of Harrisonburg, Virginia pled guilty to fraud charges in connection with the issuance of promissory notes that occurred between June 2007 and October 2013. Souder obtained money from at least 18 investors through the issuance of promissory notes. Sounder informed investors that he would utilize his personal trading strategy to invest the borrowed… Read more »

Chicago Area Investment Partner Matthew Stoen Indicted on Fraud Charges

Matthew Stoen, founder and managing partner of Stone Rose LP, committed fraud in obtaining and misusing investment funds, according to an indictment issued by a federal grand jury. The Peiffer Wolf securities practice attorneys Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer are investigating the matter.  Individuals who invested with Matthew Stoen may contact attorneys Kane or Peiffer. … Read more »

Broker Swindles Recently Widowed Woman at the Wake of Her Husband, According to Securities Regulators

Eduardo Guillermo Diaz was barred from the securities industry by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) in connection with claims that he converted his client’s funds and borrowed money from the client. Diaz befriended his client before the death of the client’s husband, and at her husband’s wake, Diaz approached her and stated that she… Read more »

Fraud Charges Brought Against Vineet Kalucha and Aphelion Fund Management for Allegedly Providing Falsified Performance Reports to Investors

Vineet Kalucha, Aphelion Fund Management’s chief investment officer, fraudulently altered an outside firm’s report reviewing the performance of an investment account he managed, according to a complaint filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). The Peiffer Wolf law firm’s securities practice attorneys Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer are investigating the matter. Kalucha’s falsifications essentially… Read more »

Former Broker Randy Schneider Sentenced to Prison

Randy Schneider will be spending the next six years in prison after stealing almost $1 million from two elderly clients. Schneider was a broker at Oppenheimer & Co. until he was fired after the firm discovered he misappropriated checks from one of the victims. Generally, an investment firm has a duty to monitor the actions… Read more »

Securities Attorneys James Booker and Joe Peiffer Encourage Investors to Approach Virtual Currencies with Caution

Virtual currencies are more popular than ever. Virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, and Litecoin are widely used and are starting to be accepted in everyday commerce. Pioneering investors have set their aim on digital currencies as investment vehicles that can provide profitable returns. One such way digital currencies have become situated as an… Read more »