Attorney Interviewed by Fargo Newspaper Regarding North Dakota Developments Class Action

An attorney was recently interviewed by Amy Dalrymple of The Forum newspaper, which covers Fargo and Moorhead North Dakota, regarding the Peiffer Wolf law firm’s recently-filed class action lawsuit related to the North Dakota Developments (“NDD”) Ponzi scheme. The article associated with the interview was posted Thursday evening and appears on the paper’s website at… Read more »

Peiffer Wolf Securities Attorneys Filed a Class Action Lawsuit on Behalf of North Dakota Developments Investors

The Peiffer Wolf securities attorneys filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of North Dakota Developments, LLC (“NDD”) investors in the United States District Court for the District of North Dakota. The Peiffer Wolf securities attorneys brought an action on behalf of NDD investors against a North Dakota law firm who, according to the class… Read more »

North Dakota Development Fraud – Investment Recovery Options

North Dakota Development, Hogan, Gavin Investigated by Securities Lawyers North Dakota Development investors may be able to recover losses they suffered as a result of their investments with Robert Gavin and Daniel Hogan’s North Dakota Development (“NDD”) investment program, according to securities lawyers Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer of the Peiffer Wolf law firm. The… Read more »