Dakota Plains Holdings & Ryan Gilbertson—Fraudulent Stock Scheme Charges

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Dakota Plains Holdings & Co-Founder Ryan Gilbertson Allegedly Ran a Stock Scheme Comprised of Bonus Payments of over $30 Million Dakota Plains Holdings & Co-Founder Ryan Gilbertson allegedly operated a stock scheme which involved bonus payments of over $30 million, according to SEC Documents currently under review by attorneys Joe Peiffer and James Booker. Peiffer… Read more »

Ryan Gilbertson, Michael Reger and Dakota Plains Holdings – Stock Manipulation Scheme

Ryan Gilbertson and Michael Reger Allegedly Orchestrated a Stock Manipulation Scheme and Entered into an Agreement to Borrow Money under Favorable Terms which Delivered Bonus Packages to Themselves Gilbertson and Reger allegedly hired one of their friends as CEO of Dakota Plains Holding, and also took part in lending agreements which provided favorable terms including… Read more »