Jacob Cooper Allegedly Used Investor Money to Settle Prior SEC complaint

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Jacob Cooper, a radio investment adviser based in San Diego and head of the firm Total Wealth Management (TWM), is looking at a fresh set of fraud charges after he allegedly attempted to misappropriate client funds to settle an earlier fraud case with the SEC, according to a new complaint currently under review by attorneys… Read more »

David Patrick Thomas Sanctioned by Securities Regulators for Chadbourn Partners Alleged Sales

David Patrick Thomas, an investment adviser with SII Investments, Inc., was sanctioned by securities regulators as a result of his relationship with Chadbourn Partners, LLC. The Washington Department of Financial Institutions fined Thomas $40,000 and intends to deny Thomas’ future securities registration applications. David Patrick Thomas offered and sold unregistered securities in the form of… Read more »

Jason Juberg and Others Plead Guilty and Act as Witnesses in the Prosecution of David McQueen

Jason Eric Juberg, a Michigan resident, pleaded guilty to charges involving the sale of unregistered securities and was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, in connection with the allegedly fraudulent investment scheme perpetrated by David Wilson McQueen. The case against his father, Donald Juberg, will be dismissed as part of a plea bargain whereby both will testify against David McQueen, the… Read more »

Scott Summerhays Pleads Guilty to Fraud in Golf Course Scheme

Scott H. Summerhays managed to convince 11 persons to loan him a total of $3.6 million to purchase a golf course, giving out false promises and using a false identity. Summerhays pleaded guilty to 24 Federal felony charges, according to Daniel G. Bogden, United States Attorney for the district of Nevada. Summerhays, 55, formerly from South… Read more »

Trendon Shavers and Bitcoin Savings and Trust involved in first ever Bitcoin Ponzi

Trendon Shavers of McKinney, Tx., has been charged with what appears to be the first case of ponzi schemes that involves Bitcoins, otherwise known as digital currency. Bitcoins are a form of crypto-currency that is not backed by any national government. The mechanics of Bitcoins, their valuation and exchange is not fully understood by laypersons. Shavers is… Read more »