Wells Fargo—Improper Changes to Mortgages

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Wells Fargo’s Mortgage Office, Despite a Major Scandal in Its Consumer Division, Allegedly Put Unauthorized Changes Through to Home Loans Which Were Owned by Customers in Bankruptcy Well Fargo’s Mortgage side allegedly put unauthorized changes through to home loans which were purportedly owned by clients in a state of bankruptcy, according to a new Class… Read more »

Wells Fargo Advisors Slapped with $1.5 Million FINRA Fine for Alleged Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Failure

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The Peiffer Wolf investment fraud attorneys are currently investigating Wells Fargo Advisors. From 2003 to 2012, Wells allegedly failed to properly examine as many as 220,000 new clients, and not completing the requisite identity verification, according to FINRA documents currently being poured over by attorneys Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer. A statement from the regulator… Read more »