Will Allen— Ponzi Scheme

Former New York Giants First-round Pick Will Allen Facing Six Years in Prison for Allegedly Participating in a Ponzi Scheme Former NFL defensive back Will Allen, 38, and of Davie, Florida, is facing six years in prison for his alleged role in a Ponzi scheme, according to U.S. District Court (Boston) Documents currently under review… Read more »

Will Allen—Ponzi Scheme

Will Allen, Former NFL Defensive Back, Allegedly Ran $32 Million Ponzi Scheme Will Allen, former NFL defensive back, allegedly ran a $32 million Ponzi scheme from July 2012 to February 2015, according a recent Federal Indictment. Will Allen, 36, allegedly ran a detailed Ponzi scheme which entailed Allen making high-interest, short term loans to other… Read more »

Will Allen—Ponzi Scheme Charges

Ex-NFL Cornerback Will Allen Accused of Operating Ponzi scheme Will Allen, former New York Giants cornerback, allegedly helped run a Ponzi scheme that promised investors profits from loans to professional athletes. From July 2012 through February 2015, Allen and his partner allegedly used cash from some clients to fill in the gaps of a $7… Read more »