Thompson National Properties Investors Suing Underwriter of TNP 2008 Participating Notes

TNP 2008 Participating Note investors have sued Berthel Fisher & Company, an Iowa stockbrokerage firm that helped promote that TNP-sponsored real estate investment program to the investing public.

The investors are represented by securities attorneys Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer, along with their Iowa co-counsel.

Thompson National Properties (“TNP”), an Irvine, California real estate management firm, has organized and promoted a number of real estate investment programs since 2008.  TNP was organized by noted investor Anthony “Tony” Thompson.

Since last year, several TNP-sponsored programs have defaulted on distribution payments to their investors, including TNP 12% NotesTNP Strategic Retail Trust, and TNP 2008 Participating Notes.

Following months-long investigation, attorneys Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer filed two class actions on behalf of investors in two TNP-sponsored programs: TNP 2008 Participating Notes and TNP 6700 Santa Monica Boulevard (also known as “TNP Kodak“).

Attorneys Kane and Peiffer were the first to file a class action against a securities broker-dealer firm that sold Thompson National Properties investments, according to media reports that quoted both parties, available here:

More TNP investors are reaching out to attorneys Jason Kane and Joe Peiffer, who are preparing to file several more cases on behalf of such investors.

TNP investors may contact attorneys Jason Kane, Joe Peiffer, or Dan Carr at 585-310-5140 for a free evaluation of their investment recovery options.

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