Vasquez Global Investments and Edwin Vasquez Ordered to Stop Selling Securities

Vasquez Global Investments, LLC or VGI and Edwin A. Vasquez were ordered to stop engaging in the sale of securities, investments, or the business thereof and the like unless the securities are duly registered and unless they, including the entities under their control, are duly registered as securities dealers, as stated in a Cease and Desist Order issued by securities regulators. The regulators’ order was the result of an allegedly fraudulent securities offering by Vasquez.


VGI is a business entity registered in North Carolina while Vasquez transacts securities business through the former. Their principal business addresses are in North Carolina according to the records of the case.


Both VGI and Vasquez were named Respondents in an administrative petition filed by the North Carolina Securities Division that sought a cease and desist order against their sale of securities.


VGI and Vasquez, allegedly without being registered as securities dealers, were engaged in the sale of securities according to securities regulators. Using various methods, such as telephone calls and a website, they allegedly solicited investors to purchase investment interest from their enterprise, the proceeds of which were supposed to be used to trade in future contracts and commodities according to the Cease and Desist Order.


According to the Cease and Desist Order, VGI and Vasquez offered maturities from one to five years with variable payment options and interest rates ranging from single to double digit percentages.


VGI’s agents who contacted investors were required to make 100 calls per day. In some instances the prospective investor had no prior or substantive business relationship with VGI.


On May 8, 2013 VGI filed an exemption form describing the securities it was selling as “debt securities” and stating that no such securities had been sold as of the filing date this according to the findings of securities regulators.


On June 5, 2013, VGI allegedly filed an amended form indicating that it had already sold $3.55 Million of its debt securities and $46.45 Million were left to be sold. Vasquez allegedly signed both forms as President and CEO of VGI according to the case records.


Neither VGI nor Vasquez were registered securities dealers, according to the Order. Both were ordered to desist from further engaging in the securities business unless they have been registered as securities dealers and the securities registered as well.


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