Yasuna Murakami of MC2, Arrested and Charged, Also Sued for Fraud by SEC

Cleveland stockbroker fraud lawyerYasuna Murakami, founder and manager of several Boston-based hedge funds, including MC2 Capital and MC2 Canada Capital Management, was arrested in Vermont on Saturday, May 20, as he crossed the border from Canada.

Peiffer Wolf securities lawyer Joe Peiffer, along with his colleagues, have been retained by Murakami investors in MC2 Canadian Fund to seek compensation for their losses. They are preparing to take action, and are in touch with additional MC2 investors across the country.

Murakami was charged on Monday, May 22, 2017 with wire fraud in federal court in Boston, and also named in a suit brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission alleging that he defrauded investors in the MC2 funds out of millions of dollars while using their money to pay his credit card bills and other personal expenses.

The SEC complaint alleges, among other fraudulent acts, that Murakami and his accomplices not only lost investors’ money, but that they issued false K-1s, account statements, and third party statements designed to fool investors into believing that their money was still safe. Additionally, Murakami allegedly used some investors’ funds to fake returns to earlier investors, in a classic Ponzi scheme. All told, the SEC alleges that Murakami misappropriated roughly $8 million for his personal use from 2008 to 2016, and around $2 million to pay investors in order to sustain the fraud.

The Peiffer Wolf investors’ rights attorneys have been investigating Murakami, MC2, and other affiliated entities in preparation for taking action to recover investor losses in the near future. MC2 Canadian investors are encouraged to contact Joe Peiffer (jpeiffer@pwcklegal.com, 504-523-2434) or his colleagues, Gregory Gibson or James Booker, to provide information about this matter and/or discuss their options. Free case evaluation. Contingency fee representation.

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